Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
About Us

Literary Mama publishes literary writing about the many faces of motherhood. Since 2003, we have featured poetry, fiction, columns, and creative nonfiction that may be too raw, too irreverent, too ironic, or too body-conscious for traditional or commercial motherhood publications.

We know that becoming a mother takes more than the physical act of giving birth or completing an adoption. It takes birthing yourself as a mother—often a lifelong psychological, intellectual, and spiritual process. Literary Mama honors the difficult and rewarding work women do as they move through motherhood by providing a smart, diverse venue to read, publish, and share mama-centric stories.

Literary Mama is a magazine for writers as well as mothers. We value superior craft and fresh voice as much as original themes and topics. Our Literary Reflections department offers an inside look at the writing process for both new and seasoned writers, while our book reviews and author profiles highlight mother writers who are well established in their careers.

Literary Mama functions as a collective of volunteer editors and columnists. The magazine was launched in California, but our staff are now located across the United States as well as in Canada and Israel. Our writers hail from all corners of the world. Please see our Staff, Contributors, and Submissions pages for more information.