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I promised Andi I would be very helpful with this blog and then suddenly my work blew up and I am actually having to do something to earn my living. So I am waiting for my childcare situation to go from theoretical to practical (my little sister will be coming over and helping out) and trying to hit most of my deadlines.

In short, no time for Literary Mama blogging. Rats.

But here is this. It's furniture made from old books, which -- depending on the book -- might be a good use for them.

Me, I'm having book issues. We have a smallish house and like most of you reading this, many many books. We have shifted from vertical to horizontal on our shelves to take advantage of the extra height but there are still three or four boxes (and two or three grocery bags) of unshelved books in our basement. And there are books under the table that I use as a nightstand next to my bed. And my son's bookshelves are literally overflowing. And I have large stacks of random books on various flat surfaces.But what brought us to crisis is that my mom said I need to get her book collection out of her house or off they go to charity. All the Pearl S. Buck books she's been collecting since she was in her early 20s, all of the historical fiction that she read through my elementary school years, and all of the lush coffee table books that graced our living room during my growing up. I. Must. Have. Them.

So I sent my husband to buy brackets and 2x4s and we're shelving up one wall of our basement playroom. I think this will make a dent although we're sure to have at least one extra box at the end of it all and of course we are always getting more books.

I asked my mom when a person quits feeling greedy about books and she said for her it was when her kids were grown because she wanted us to have a library but now she doesn't need one as much. This makes sense to me. Plus since we're homeschoolers, I feel almost frantic about making sure we never lose anything that might be useful later on.

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Oyy! An unexpected book absorption! Yikes! It's bad enough when you know you're going to the used library book sale and will return with two baskets full of books... but to have to deal with an unexpected influx when you're already at max capacitor.... Sounds like you handled it well, though. Good for you! I especially liked your phrase "I. Must. Have. Them." Understood. As for myself, our basement was a chaos of books/remains of rubber stamp business/tons of other stuff I WAS getting organized... until my dh decided he knew how to do it better yesterday... we're still not back to normal. I was using the garage as a staging area and he "disputed my method." Do I go in his office and tell HIM how to organize his s.... excuse me, stuff? Anyway, loved reading your blog and good luck with the book joy/overflow. Maureen
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