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We're running an interview with author Jennifer Lauck in which she talks about writing and motherhood and writing about motherhood:

    Before I wrote Show Me the Way, an agent asked, "Are you going to be a serious writer or are you going to disappear into the abyss of motherhood?" I said I was going to be a serious writer, of course. I had been a writer for 20 years, why would mothering change that? Now that I am eight years into mothering, I see what she was asking. The day-to-day of mothering is so consuming that it's tempting to give yourself up to it completely. Still, I believe that I can be lost in the abyss of motherhood and be a serious writer too. It isn't a black and white choice because this isn't a black and white life. I write because I must and I mother because I must.

Lauck writes more about mothering for our Creative Nonfiction department this month in a piece called Not So Perfect.

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