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The Terrible Twos


More on writing frankly about one's children: I always, always, always look forward to Catherine Newman's weekly column about life with Birdy, her two-year-old daughter, and her five-year-old son Ben. Bringing Up Ben & Birdy is published every Monday on the commercial site ParentCenter and in my opinion it's the very best feature that site has to offer. Newman seems to hit just the right note between telling it sweet and telling it straight. This week she writes about Birdy's startling transformation from a baby with a sunny disposition into an extremely strong-willed toddler -- on the very day she turns two.

And that reminds me -- I've been meaning to pick up Newman's memoir, Waiting for Birdy: A Year of Frantic Tedium, Neurotic Angst, and the Wild Magic of Growing a Family, for some time now. Must add it to the list.

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Catherine's great -- and she's being featured in a Literary Mama "Mother Talk" this Friday with me in Philadelphia! (Mother Talk info here)
Oops, I mean here:
Hi Stephany--what a great-looking blog. The content's pretty great, too. I wish you a quick and safe delivery.
Stephany, Welcome to the blog world. The site looks great! I am also a blogger-come-lately, and a past contributor to Literary Mama (fiction). I have linked to LM since I set up shop on the net--and will now add your blog link! Wendi Kaufman
I like Catherine as well. She has an excellent essay in The Bitch in the House compilation. I don't like, however, having to be registered with Parent Center in order to read about Ben and Birdy. They send me obnoxious e-mails about discounts on stuff I don't need or want. And re: Ayelet--most of the buzz I've been privy to lately is around the NYT article she wrote about sex, not with weasels, but with her spouse. I think I'd rather hear about her kids.
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