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Video Game Babies as Demanding as Real Ones

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This Belgian commercial uses a zippy video game format to warn teen girls about the drudgery of mothering a newborn. It reminds me of the new baby feature in The Sims. I must have had at least three simulated babies taken away by a simulated child welfare worker before I understood just how much attention the baby was supposed to receive from its simulated parents. (That is, constant attention... to the point of physical collapse.) And I was in my 30s when I first played the game. Here's hoping I clue in a little faster with my own real baby. Thanks to Andi for the link.

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Fear not. The baby will clue YOU in, and quick -- or at least that was my experience! I advise laying in a supply of DVDs of really long miniseries and movies you always meant to see but never got around to. During midnight feedings, I made it through all fourteen episodes of I, Claudius, among other things... (I followed links from Maud's site -- hurrah for lit moms, and congrats to you and the new baby-on-the-way!)
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