Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
LM makes the front page of THE STATE

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The State published the following article on Literary Mama on the Sunday edition's front page. We have the wonderful Claudia Brinson to thank!

From the article:

This is a new generation coming to terms with the demands of motherhood, says Cassie Premo Steele, 38. A mother and stepmother, Steele edited nonfiction for Literary Mama, teaches at Midlands Technical College and most recently published the chapbook “Ruin.”

Steele says women of the baby boomer generation believed working was required for liberation. She adds, “I think we’re having different lives than our mothers thought we would have.”

Among those differences is the opportunity to write about motherhood, without an office or office hours, and hear back from thousands of mothers in other time zones, in other lands.

“This is the first generation to gain such a strong voice — in depth, breadth and loudness,” Hudock says. “This is the first generation online.”

That, and Hudock’s 3½-year-old daughter Sarah, create a sense of mission.

“The writers I work with have never read Adrienne Rich’s ‘Of Woman Born’ or Jane Lazarre’s “The Mother Knot.’ They think they are the first. But I can trace mother-writing back to Anne Bradstreet, 1650, America’s first poet, a mother of eight children.

“Each generation of mothers has to retell the story. Because, who keeps it alive? Not the publishers, reviewers or literary critics, the professors or librarians. The mother-writers of past generations aren’t passed on.

“My goal is to keep this generation alive and to reclaim previous generations so we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.

“We want to make it different, so this generation of mothers isn’t forgotten.”

Check the whole article out here.

Amy Hudock, Ph.D., is a writer, professor, and editor who lives in South Carolina with her family. She is the co-editor of the books Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined and American Women Prose Writers, 1820-1870. Her work has been anthologized in the Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort series, as well as in Torn: True Stories of Modern Motherhood, Ask Me About My Divorce, Mama, PhD, and Single State of the Union. She is a co-founder of Literary Mama. Her work has also appeared (or is scheduled to appear) in Skirt!, Equus, The Post and Courier, ePregnancy, and Pregnancy and Baby. She teaches creative writing at Trident Technical College. You can read more about her at her website.

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