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Naughty Mommy Interview


Literary Mama Senior Editor Heidi Raykeil's interview with Ann Curry on the Today show can be viewed here.

After her interview aired, sales of Confession of a Naughty Mommy jumped, driving the book from #77,093 on the Amazon sales rank yesterday to #39 (and climbing) today.

In other words, today Heidi's book sold more copies than The Purpose Driven Life, the latest P.D. James mystery, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The South Beach Diet or Love Smart -- the newest offering from Dr. Phil.

So much for the notion that sometimes seems to permeate the publishing world that moms don't have time to read fiction/creative non-fiction or that there are enough "Mommy Lit" books or "Momoirs" out there.

Jen Lawrence is an MBA and former banker who left the world of finance for the world of sippy cups and goldfish crackers. She writes about her experiences on her blog MUBAR (Mothered Up Beyond All Recognition). She is an Editorial Assistant for Literary Mama’s Reviews section and also contributes to the Literary Mama blog. Her work has appeared in The Philosophical Mother. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two children.

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I watch you on TV. I'm going to buy the book. I have been married almost 7 years. Are sex life just suck. Before I got married I want sex 5 to 7 times a day a great every time. Know I luck to have it more then 1 a week if that. I glad they wrote the book. So need to say that....
I caught the Today show interview and Heidi rocked! I'm sure she was nervous (who wouldn't be on national TV and sitting across from Ann Curry?) but she didn't look it at all. And her boots were to die for. I went out today and bought the book. I told the Borders guy to put some on the table in front -- the author had just been interviewed on the Today show!
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