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Too Much Housewife


Part of me really wants to read Caitlin Flanagan's To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife. There has been lots of interesting media coverage such as the review in the The New York Times, Anna Mundow's interview with the author in The Boston Globe, and Joan Walsh's review on Even as I type this, the book is sitting right there, atop the pile of "Must Read" books, it's flashy yellow jacket inviting me to dip beneath its covers if only so I can dismiss its contents as smoothly as this reviewer did.

But the truth is, I'm a little housewifed out. My formal review of Darla Shine's Happy Housewives was just published on Literary Mama's Reviews page. In order to write a fair review, I felt the need to read the book a couple of times which, to be frank, was a couple of times too many. And then there was the writing, rewriting, and editing of it all.

And now, I feel the need to read something -- anything -- that does not try to get me in touch with my inner need to vacuum.

Jen Lawrence is an MBA and former banker who left the world of finance for the world of sippy cups and goldfish crackers. She writes about her experiences on her blog MUBAR (Mothered Up Beyond All Recognition). She is an Editorial Assistant for Literary Mama’s Reviews section and also contributes to the Literary Mama blog. Her work has appeared in The Philosophical Mother. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two children.

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That was very insightful and balanced.
Sometimes I truly wonder if I was ever housewifed or if got washed away in my first load of married laundry. I'm posting this origami folding shirt later on this week but your post and this video have made me laugh about my lack of passion to want to even figure out how you fold this shirt. I don't even fold the shirts nicely to begin with, the American Way... japanese folding shirt how-to (newbie) Flashing with my fingertips at MotherPie. Cheers!
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