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Rebecca Kaminsky guest blogger at Washington Post


Just wanted to let folks know that today (Tuesday, June 20) LM's own Rebecca Kaminsky will be a guest blogger, filling in for Leslie Morgan Steiner at her parenting "work-life" blog on The Washington Post's website. You will find her at: On Balance.

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You can read more of Rebecca Kaminsky's work at one of her columns here at Literary Mama: Down Will Come Baby

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I was very interested to read Rebecca's column on the Post's blog. Even those of us who are mothers by adoption have endured some of what she described about post-partum depression (including myself). It was heartening to read about how another mother dealt with and survived this difficult condition.
Rebecca, Kudos on such a wonderful blog post. As someone who suffered from PPD with both my children, I can vouch for the importance of honest stories like yours in making other mothers feel like they are not alone.
thanks mamas!
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