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Sophia Raday in New York Times

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Check out LM columnist Sophia Raday’s essay in the NY Times Modern Love column at Diary of a Soldier's Wife: Tie-Dye and Camo Don't Mix

From the column:

My husband is like the Lone Ranger: he leaves a trail of bullets in his wake. Not silver bullets, but gold 9 millimeters, orange "simunitions" and menacing hollow-points with bronze tips.

I find them at the bottom of the washing machine, next to the pile of mail in our front hall or mixed in a heap of change. He is a police officer in nearby Oakland, Calif., a former SWAT team member, and a colonel in the Army Reserve. Sometimes when I gather the cool bullets in my palm, I stare at them and wonder: How did I, a Berkeley resident, a former peace activist, someone with a "Bread, not bombs" button, end up married to The Man?

After reading the essay, you can read more about her love affair with "The Man" at her column here at Literary Mama: Mama Athens, Daddy Sparta

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Sophia-- well done! Can't wait to read more....
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