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Literary Mama Blog Tour: Mother Shock

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We are kicking off the inaugural Literary Mama Blog Tour post, a feature whereby we will showcase some of our favorite places to visit online. We'll be starting things off by introducing you to some of our Editors' blogs.

Today, we head on over to Managing Editor (on hiatus) Andrea Buchanan's Mother Shock. Andi's blog is a mixture of a writer's blog, where she writes about her current projects, and a personal "mom blog," where she writes about her children and family life and the work of mothering (here she writes about sibling rivalry).

Currently she has been focusing on her anthology It's a Girl: Women Writers on Raising Daughters and is writing a blog post about each essay in the book. In some posts she talks about how she first came to be introduced to an author's work. In other posts, she provides some of the essay's back story. She talks about why she was attracted to a particular piece of writing and wanted to include it in her book. Her blog gives interesting insight into the book writing, editing, publishing and marketing process from an author who has published four books.

Random Post Sample from Mother Shock:

I read her first book when it came out ten years ago, and I still remember the moment I finished it. It was the book that finally pushed me from merely aspiring to be a published writer to actually working towards becoming a published writer. Four years later, I had my first piece in a paid publication. Seven years later, I had a book published.

Jen Lawrence is an MBA and former banker who left the world of finance for the world of sippy cups and goldfish crackers. She writes about her experiences on her blog MUBAR (Mothered Up Beyond All Recognition). She is an Editorial Assistant for Literary Mama’s Reviews section and also contributes to the Literary Mama blog. Her work has appeared in The Philosophical Mother. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two children.

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Great, Jen -- thanks for the view of Andi's blog. I look forward to the tour! --Amy
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