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It’s fall and we’re back!

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It's the fall. The air is growing crisp, the days are growing shorter and it's the perfect time to pour yourself a nice strong cup of tea, draw the curtains and curl up with Literary Mama. This summer saw the relaunch of our e-zine, the launch of the Mama Sez column where LM editors share what's on their minds, and an Op-Ed page. We've opened up the comments feature on a number of our columns so that Literary Mama site can continue to generate conversation.

The blog is undergoing a revamp, as well. We will be focusing on the issues of the day such as the so-called mommy wars, the frustrations with the mainstream media's presentation of mothering (or should I call it Yummy Mummying) but we will also continue to help promote some of the voices of mothers who are not typically given a platform in the mainsteam media. Each Monday I will introduce you to a different blog. Initially I will be starting with the LM editors and then I will be working my way through some of the unsung corners of the blogosphere. We will also be introducing the voices of some special guest bloggers over time.

As always, we welcome your comments. Or, if you are shy to see your name in lights, you can always send an email to Just use LM blog in your subject line so that my spam-filter won't mistake you for someone peddling a cure for ED.

Jen Lawrence is an MBA and former banker who left the world of finance for the world of sippy cups and goldfish crackers. She writes about her experiences on her blog MUBAR (Mothered Up Beyond All Recognition). She is an Editorial Assistant for Literary Mama’s Reviews section and also contributes to the Literary Mama blog. Her work has appeared in The Philosophical Mother. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two children.

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