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Call for Submissions – Women and War

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A Call for Submissions for a Special Issue of Kalliope

Throughout the course of history, women have worked and fought on the front lines of war, whether it be the war to end slavery, the war to end all wars, the war against discrimination and injustice, the war on drugs, the war against the exploitation of children, all wars in which the United States has deployed its military. In remembrance and celebration of the countless wars in which women have dedicated themselves, the Fall 2007 edition of Kalliope will be a special themed issue:

Women and War

We invite submissions of poetry and short fiction for this special issue that relate to the theme of women involved in or responding to war in its broadest or most specific context. We are pleased to announce that for this issue we will consider all submissions, regardless of the gender of the writer, provided the submission is grounded in the theme of women and war. All submissions should comply with Kalliope’s general submission guidelines and should be sent by April 1, 2007 to:

Dr. Margaret L. Clark, Editor-in-Chief
Women and War Issue
Florida Community College at Jacksonville
11901 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Ericka Lutz is an author, solo performer, and teacher. Her seven non-fiction books include On the Go with Baby and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stepparenting, and her fiction/creative nonfiction has appeared in numerous books, anthologies, and journals. Ericka teaches writing at U.C. Berkeley. She also provides private coaching on writing and writing process to writers and organizations. Her full-length solo show, “A Widow’s To-Do List,” is currently in development in San Francisco. For information on upcoming performances, visit Ericka’s website.

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