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“O” Magazine Publishes Article “No, Daddy, No”

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If a man gets caught molesting a child down the street, he'll get jail time.

If a father or step-father gets caught molesting a child living in his own house, he'll get probation and therapy.

This month, "O" Magazine takes on laws and family court systems that abuse children by failing to protect them from sexual predators in their own families. Jan Goodwin writes:

All across the country, legal loopholes let convicted incest offenders go home and crawl back into bed with their traumatized daughters and sons. Even in states were that's not the case, weak links in the judicial system often leave a child in the groping hands of the molesting parent. "In our culture, if you grow your own victim, you are legally protected, says Linda Davis, a licensed clinical social worker and the executive director of Survivors of Incest Anonymous (an international support organization). " If a stranger rapes a child, it's "Call the police, jail him, throw away the key." But if that same man rapes his daughter, its "Call the therapist, slap him on the wrist, let him go back and do it again."

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There is an on-line petition requesting a judiciary hearing on the matter of court ordered child sexual abuse. Your signature would make a difference in the lives of the children that fall prey to judicial pandering. You can access it through or Lets make a difference.
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