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Rachel Sarah in the News!

Single Mom Seeking debuts on the 11 o'clock news!

Last night (11.21.06), the charming CBS 5 News reporter Joe Vasquez tracked Literary Mama columnist Rachel Sarah and her single mom friends down during their weekly "Girls' Night."

A new study was just released - about the new surge of unmarried moms - and he wanted to talk to a local single mom. After knocking at the door of her previous address, her former 13-year-old neighbor gave him Rachel's cell (thanks Zi-Zi!).

You can watch the short segment here:
"Percentage of Unmarried Moms Hits New High in U.S."

Conveniently, Rachel and her lovable single mom buddies were having their weekly potluck dinner at Siobhan's house. As the CBS crew pulled up, their girls were running around naked. But when Rachel and her friends announced they were going to be on TV, the girls dashed to put on some glittery costumes.

The moms scrambled to clean up the house. Joe Vazquez knocked on the door. The girls were very polite. Arden got TV-shy, but you can spot her in some wild glasses in the background. Siobhan's turtle, Dottie, is now a celebrity!

Joe asked Rachel why she thought that out-of-wedlock births were on the rise. Have we finally stopped shaming single moms?

The kicker was when he asked Rachel: "So, are men obsolete?"

Listen here for Rachel's answer.

And check out Rachel's website,

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