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Crisis at Op Ed!

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Ok folks, my iBook gave up the ghost just before the holidays and despite expert assistance, I can't move my mail over to my shiny new MacBook. This means that submissions I've received for Op Ed (including accepted pieces) are (in the immortal words of the Violent Femmes) gone, daddy, gone.

If you've submitted an article to me ESPECIALLY if you had it accepted, please Please PLEASE send it to me again! I've learned my lesson and all of my email now goes straight to my gmail account, where it will remain untouched by computer crashes. That email is Dawn DOT Friedman AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks so much!

Dawn Friedman lives, writes and homeschools her two kids in Columbus, Ohio. Her work has appeared in numerous online and print venues including Utne, Salon, Yoga Journal, Brain, Child, Ode, Greater Good and Bitch. Her essays have appeared in Brain, Child’s Greatest Hits, Rebecca Walker’s One Big Happy Family (Riverhead, 2009) and Mothering and Blogging (Demeter Press, 2009). She has been blogging at This Woman’s Work since 2001. While at Literary Mama, she edited several sections, including Op-Ed and Faces of Motherhood.

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