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Focus on Amy Hudock!

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This month, Literary Mama profiles our brilliant Editor-in-Chief, Amy Hudock. Read about the birth of our magazine and get an insight into the woman who got us all started and keeps us all going.

Amy is also currently featured in SKIRT! magazine's "she'ssoskirt" section. "Motherhood is how I found my voice," Amy says.

Ericka Lutz is an author, solo performer, and teacher. Her seven non-fiction books include On the Go with Baby and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stepparenting, and her fiction/creative nonfiction has appeared in numerous books, anthologies, and journals. Ericka teaches writing at U.C. Berkeley. She also provides private coaching on writing and writing process to writers and organizations. Her full-length solo show, “A Widow’s To-Do List,” is currently in development in San Francisco. For information on upcoming performances, visit Ericka’s website.

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