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The Mommy War Machine

Journalist E.J. Graff asks the question, do The Mommy Wars really exist? In the Sunday, April 29, 2007 issue of The Washington Post. Graff says,

"The ballyhooed Mommy Wars exist mainly in the minds -- and marketing machines -- of the media and publishing industry, which have been churning out mom vs. mom news flashes since, believe it or not, the 1950's. All the while the number of working mothers has been rising."

Graff says that 75 percent of mothers with school age children work "because they have to. And most stay-at-home peers don't hold it against them."

Have we been pushed by the media, (The Oprah show, Dr. Phil, book publishers and even The New York Times) to believe we're fighting a war that doesn't exist? Read The Mommy War Machine.

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