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Open Adoption Support

Hi all--
I wanted to announce the (second) launch of Open Adoption Support, a social networking site and resource site for families and individuals interested in or living open adoptions.

The site is for all triad members including those who are in closed adoptions but support openess, those who are in reunion, and those whose adoptions aren't as open as they wish. There is also room for those who are in international adoptions with some birth/first family contact.

The site has forums, live chat, user submitted links lists and newsfeeds related to open adoption. Users are encouraged to submit content but lurkers are welcome.

I created the site because over and over again I've heard adoption professionals say that what families really need is post-adoption support. I know from living our own open adoption (our daughter came to us three years ago and we maintain ongoing face-to-face contact with her first mom) that it's hard to find folks who share our values about openess and so getting advice and feedback can be challenging. I hope that this site will help us all find each other.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the site, please share the url with them:!

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