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Moms Rising/afterschool programs

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If you don't already know about MomsRising, here is a great opportunity to see what they are all about:

School hasn't started yet, but... it's already time to start getting our collective ducks in a row about afterschool programs. Did you know that each school day 40,000 kindergartners are home alone after school, and a total of more than 14 million children don't have any place to go after the final school bell rings?

TAKE ACTION FOR AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS: For the first time in years, Congress is considering a needed increase in federal funding for the afterschool programs that keep kids safe, help working families, and inspire students to learn.

*Click here to email a letter in support of these programs to your Congressperson today: Democracy In Action

MomsRising has a goal of bringing millions of people, who all share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America, together as a non-partisan force for 2008 and beyond. This grassroots, online effort is mobilizing mothers, and all who have mothers, across America as a cohesive force for change. Started this May 2006, MomsRising already has over 120,000 citizen members--and is growing by 500 to 4,000 per week lately, as well as more than eighty (and growing) aligned national organizations, working together to create positive solutions for the future.

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