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Want to Write a Novel?

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Always wanted to write a novel? Does your parenting schedule keep you from attending a local class? The answer is here: Masha Hamilton's online novel writing workshops. You can take the class in your pajamas, while breastfeeding, even in bed.

There is still room in the Level I ten-week online classes which will open January 15th and run through March 25th, 2008.

Masha is a mother, a novelist and an inspiring, brilliant teacher. She teaches her workshops on two levels: one, for beginning novelists and the other for those who are well into a manuscript. Her teaching techniques are inspiring, her feedback is generous and insightful. She encourages building a warm and supportive community and truly bringing your writing to the next level.

Take a ten-week online novel-writing class from Masha!

Dates: Jan 15 through March 25.

Novel Writing I is right for any writer who has been thinking about starting a novel or is up to halfway through. The class will include weekly lectures, critiques, and exercises aimed at helping you see your work freshly. We’ll motivate you as we cover discovering the essence of your novel (and learning how to convey it in a single sentence), as well as the importance of the opening chapter. We’ll discuss where to start the story, how to create a strong protagonist, the dramatic arcs of major characters, choosing a point of view, and exploring the voice of your novel as well as individual characters within it. We’ll analyze scene and delve into the dramatic possibilities created by strong dialogue. We’ll also look at setting, pacing, profluence and psychic distance. Finally, we’ll consider the business end – where and how to market your novel manuscript – and you’ll get guidance on the next step. Limited to twleve students. $500 for ten weeks.

Classes are small to allow for lots of individual attention to manuscripts.


Email Masha for more information, or to register!

Enthusiastically recommended by Susan Ito, Life in the Sandwich columnist, creative nonfiction co-editor and previous fiction co-editor.

Susan Ito has served Literary Mama as a Fiction Editor, CNF editor, and columnist of “Life in the Sandwich.” She edited the literary anthology, A Ghost At Heart’s Edge: Stories & Poems of Adoption. She is the author of the SheBook, The Mouse Room. Her work has appeared in CHOICE, Hip Mama, the Bellevue Literary Review,, Making More Waves, Growing Up Asian American, the Kartika Review, and elsewhere. She is a former Fiction Editor, Columnist, and Creative Nonfiction Editor for Literary Mama.

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