Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
CO residents: meet LM senior editor Shari MacDonald Strong at the Boulder Bookstore: Weds., December 3, 7:30 p.m.

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Inspiring Mother* Voices
featuring Shari MacDonald Strong editor of The Maternal is Political: Women Writers at the intersection of Motherhood and Social Change; Jen Parsons, Mothers Acting Up and Run for Congo organizer; and Amie Nelson, currently writing Inspiring Mothers.

Everywhere we turn the word "crisis" is in the air -- the financial crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis, the terrorist crisis. One would think that nothing good is happening in the world, which is far from the truth! There are mothers* all over the world doing incredible work to inspire, educate and engage their communities. Come and meet Shari MacDonald Strong, editor of The Maternal is Political; Amie Nelson, authoring Inspiring Mothers; Jen Parsons, organizer for Mothers Acting Up and Run for Congo, an organization dedicated to inspiring and mobilizing mothers* to advocate on behalf of the world's children. Join us for a conversation on what mother leadership looks like. Come to Inspiring Mother* Voices, nourish your soul, and connect with your inner activist.

*mothers and others who exercise protective care over someone smaller.

Shari MacDonald Strong is the editor of The Maternal Is Political: Women Writers at the Intersection of Motherhood and Social Change and wrote the column Zen and the Art of Child Maintenance. Her essay, “On Wanting a Girl,” appears in the anthology, It’s a Girl, and she has been published in a number of publications, including Geez magazine. Shari worked as an editor and copywriter in the publishing industry for 15 years. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, photojournalist Craig Strong, and their children: grade-schooler Eugenia, born in Russia, and preschool sons Will and Mac, born via gestational surrogacy.

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