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Congrats to these LM Staffers!

Cassie Premo Steele, Colunmist: "I have three new publications coming out this fall: a book of poetry called This is how honey runs, published by Unbound Content; a novel, Shamrock and Lotus, published by All Things That Matter Press; and an essay in the anthology, Who Should Be First? Feminists Speak Out on the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Mothering runs throughout all of them as a theme-- mothering as inspiration, the difference between generations of mothers, mothering as challenge, and mothering as catalyst for healing and change."

Vicki Forman, Reviews Co-Editor: "I've been awarded the 2010 PEN USA award in creative nonfiction for my memoir, This Lovely Life. LM was the first place that gave me a home in which to tell my story, and I can't tell you how much that meant to me."

Christina Marie Speed, Literary Reflections Co-Editor: "My poem, 'O, September,' was published and can be heard at Vox Poetica. I wrote the poem as part of my writing group's project to write a series of poems that addressed each month in a coquettish, teasing manner. This poem came to me one afternoon in early August, when I was feeling particularly flirty and counting the days until school began. I reworked some of the phrasing and wording, but 'O, September' is very close to its original form.

I was also invited to read 'O, September' and some of my other work at reading sponsored by Vox Poetica and Caper Journal, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was a terrific event, and a meaningful experience to meet the editors of these two respected journals, and mingle with other poets."

Kate Hopper, Literary Reflections Co-Editor: "I presented a session on how to improve blog writing and take blog posts to the next level at the Minnesota Blogging conference - the first of its kind in the state. It was a one-day conference meant to bring together hundreds of talented and creative bloggers from across Minnesota to learn, share, and collaborate. I wanted to be a part of it because I think it's so important to remember that even though many of us spend our days alone in front of our computers, we're still part of a community, and I wanted to help support that community.

Suzanne Kamata, Fiction Co-Editor: "I'm happy to announce that Russian translation rights to my novel Losing Kei have been sold to Ripol Publishing in Moscow. A chapter of Losing Kei was originally published as a short story (Gan) in Literary Mama."

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