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Congrats to these LM Staffers!

Erika Lutz, Columnist: "I'm thrilled that my novel, now titled The Edge of Maybe, will be published in 2012 by Last Light Studio Books. The publisher, Armand Inezian, calls me a Renaissance scribe, which is beyond flattering. Read the full announcement here."

Kate Haas, Creative Nonfiction Editor: "On October 10th, I read at Wordstock, Portland's literary arts festival. I'm one of the writers in Time Out Comedy, a group of mothers who perform stand-up and read essays at various venues around town. I read the story of how what I was afraid was cancer turned out to be a tooth...on my ovary (from the summer issue of Brain, Child). Before I read this to 150 people at a comedy club, I had no idea how funny an ovarian tooth really was."

Maria Scala, Column Editor: "I recently had poems published in Thunderclap! Magazine's Femme Fatale issue -- an issue that celebrates female writers from North America. The poems reflect on small moments with my daughter, from driving in the car to sitting in Ikea enjoying frozen yogurt."

Christina Speed, Literary Reflections Editor: "My personal essay, Work in Progress, was selected for Mother Words week on the Minneapolis Star Tribune's parenting blog, Cribsheet. Each year, Cribsheet celebrates the power of women's writing about motherhood by featuring essays from Kate Hopper's Mother Words students."

The Literary Mama Blog Editor searches for mama-centric news you can use — including information about publishing opportunities and literacy efforts; essays and writing prompts that motivate and inspire; and announcements about events, classes, and workshops. The current blog editor is Rudri Patel; read her bio here.

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Brava, ladies! Can't wait to read Ericka's novel!!
Congratulations! Check out what happened when I asked my Mom how she'd feel about appearing in my nonfiction. Thanks!
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