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Queering Maternity and Motherhood:

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Demeter Press
is seeking submissions for an edited collection on
Queering Maternity and Motherhood:

Narrative and Theoretical Perspectives on Queer Conception, Birth and Parenting

Editor: Joani Mortenson Publication Date: 2012

Deadline for abstracts: March 31, 2011
This anthology will explore the continuum of queer mothering, through conception to birth to parenting. Understanding the process and material effects of being 'othered', the containment within a patriarchal system of discourse and the lack of cultural representations of lesbian/queer mothers are some of the issues explored and problematized in this polyphonic text. By addressing the socially and discursively articulated norms which govern what form families must take in a culture of compulsory heterosexuality, this anthology will also consider more fundamental and political questions of identity and performance; such as who is viable and counts as intelligible in Western patriarchal society. This text will discuss the implications of these issues in the everyday lived experience of queer parents, in particular focussing on the questions of what makes a 'liveable life' and what makes a 'grievable life'.

Suggested topics include, but not limited to:
Lesbian and bi-sexual mothers, Curious parents, Queer mothers living with disability, Transgendered and Transexual parents, Queer conception stories, Butch and Femme Mothers, Queer pregnancy, Queer birth culture narratives, Counter-narratives to compulsory heterosexual conception and parenting, Constructing Queer identity construction through mothering, Lesbian mothers and co-mothers, Gender identity and the social construction of motherhood, Queer mothering with in-laws, Queer maternity and midwifery, Queering fertility services, Breastfeeding queer mamas, Sperm banks and known donors, Genderqueer parents experiences, and Attachment parenting in the queer family.

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts should be 250 words. Please also include a brief biography (50 words).
Please send to

Deadline for Abstracts is March 31st, 2011
Accepted Papers of 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages) will be due September 1, 2011
and should conform to MLA citation format.

Demeter Press
140 Holland St. West, PO 13022
Bradford, ON, L3Z 2Y5

Amy Stockwell Mercer is a freelance writer living in Charleston, SC with her husband and three sons. An MFA graduate in Creative Writing from Queens University, she writes about art and artist profiles for Charleston Magazine, The City Paper, Charleston Art Mag, and Art Papers. Amy also writes about living with chronic illness, and is finishing a book about women with diabetes for Demos Health. When she needs to get out of her own head, she teaches college students how to write the 5 paragraph essay. You can read more of her writing at her website.

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