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Competition: The Tenth Glass Woman Prize

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The Tenth Glass Woman Prize will be awarded for a work of short fiction or creative non-fiction (prose) written by a woman. Length: between 50 and 5,000 words. The top prize for the tenth Glass Woman Prize award is US $500 and possible (but not obligatory) online publication; there will also be one runner up prize of $100 and one runner up prize of $50, together with possible (but not obligatory) online publication.

Subject is open, but must be of significance to women. The criterion is passion, excellence, and authenticity in the woman's writing voice. Previously published work and simultaneous submissions are OK. Authors retain all copyright is retained by the author.

There is no reading fee.

Previous winners are welcome to submit again for any subsequent prize.

Submission deadline: Setpember 21, 2011 (receipt date; anything received after that date will be considered for a future prize). Notification date: on or before December 21, 2011.

The winners will be announced on this web page. Submissions will not be returned, rejected, or otherwise acknowledged except for the winner and results announcement on this web page. I promise that every submission will be read with respect and with commitment to the voices of women in this world.

Only one submission per person per submission period, by email, with "Glass Woman Prize Submission" in the subject line and the text pasted in the body of the email (no attachments!*) to:

(replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)


- "Glass Woman Prize Submission" in subject line
- Text in body of email
- Please put your email address in the body of the email as well

I will regretfully ignore and delete submissions of anything other than specified above, for example: submissions with any kind of attachment*, more than one piece of writing in a given prize reading period, more than 5,000 words, poetry, plays, or submissions without "Glass Woman Prize Submission" in the subject line of the email.

*Please note that some fancy email stationery comes across as attachment; almost all illustrations come across as attachments; please do not use them in connection with the Glass Woman Prize.

For additional information, visit the Glass Woman Prize website.

Jessica DeVoe Riley, MS, is a special educator in rural California. Her writing has won the South West Writers competition and is published in Thema and Marginalia. She currently writes for the Council for Exceptional Children’s Reality 101 blog for new teachers. You can reach her through her personal blog, All Rileyed Up, or follow her on Twitter.

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I know a guy, who knows a guy that submitted to this prize. Any competent writer can use the voice of both sexes. What type of breach device do you have in place to verify a work was authored by a woman? I'd like to help, women, as recent studies (VIDA) suggest, are underrepresented in genres across the board. A few ideas: Require each submission be accompanied by a DNA sample. Voice imprinting. A photograph of entrants shoe collections. The ability (this is crucial) for submitters to sing, start to finish, Helen Reddy's call to arms song, "I Am Woman." Here are your tools to keep it legit, on the up and up, above board and other like proverbs. My consulting fee is in the mail. Cheers. Best, Chris Roberts
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