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Has your night out been ruined by loud, unruly children?
Has your child's behavior been an issue in a public place?

In July, a restaurant owner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania instituted a ban on children under age 6, announcing he was doing so "on behalf of the kind, refined people who have emailed me who have had meals ruined." (The restaurant bills itself as a 19th Hole for golfers where the atmosphere is upscale, quiet, and casual.)

He received 2,000 emails and the story generated 10,000 online votes in a poll taken by a Pittsburgh TV station. The emails ran 11 to 1 in favor of the decision; 64 percent of the online voters were supportive.

Bloggers kept the "No Kids Allowed" discussion going for more than a week encouraging readers to share their experiences in restaurants, in airplanes, in theatres, and in grocery stores.

What do YOU think?

Then, check out these essays from the LM archives for more thoughts on the subject.

Dalai Mama by Shari MacDonald Strong: "Half an hour from Portland our descent began, and small children began to cry as the pressure built up in their little ears. One child, in particular, seemed to be in great pain."

The Mother Load by Terri Minsky: "Work was a distraction from Sam and Annie; Sam and Annie were a distraction from work. It turns out I'm not all that good at compartmentalizing or managing my time, but until this point, I never really had to be. I had always gotten things done before I had kids because I could work as long as I needed to . . . As my available work time ticked away, I would become increasingly tense. Mommy wasn't opening the doors for a hug; it was the Writer, and she was snapping, "You have to leave me alone! I have to get this done!" This was followed by Guilty Mommy, who wouldn't let Frustrated Writer do anything until she apologized. "

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