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Introducing: Black Balloon Publishing

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From their press release:

Black Balloon Publishing puts out genre-bending books that rebel against industry convention: the weird, the unwieldy, the unclassifiable -- in anything from classic paperback, to interactive e-book, to digital storytelling collage.

At only two books a year, we take on what we love -- and it's a deep-seated, hippocampal love -- each title receives a personal publicist, a targeted marketing plan, promotional trailers and videos, a groundbreaking interactive app, and one helluva dedicated editor. Black Balloon books are not dropped, remaindered, or ignored. They are revered.


We like Book as object -- the smell of pulp, the sound of pages turning, the heft of a binding in hand -- and as electronic thing -- back-lit and scrollable. But why stop there? Let's animate it -- add some clickable PET scans and stop-motion video. Visualizations are insights, right-brain entries into left-brain text. Think sexual urgency maps. Topographical models of contagious diseases. Flow charts of self-flagellating monastics. The path of a cheeseburger through a digestive tract. The teachable moments are endless, and all lead back to text.

We take delight very seriously. Just break the rules, and make us believe.

Read about the company's debut title--The Recipe Project--and more details about their publishing philosophy here.

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