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Book Giveaway: Arms Wide Open


Patricia Harman is giving away one copy of her new book.

Patricia spent over thirty years caring for women as a midwife, first as a lay-midwife, delivering babies in cabins and on communal farms in West Virginia, and later as a nurse-midwife in teaching hospitals and in a community hospital birthing center. In Arms Wide Open, she recounts the stories that patients brought into her exam room and her own story of struggling to help women as a nurse-midwife.

Check out Melissa Flicek Doffing's book review we published last August. Then, leave a comment and your email address at the end of this post, and you'll be entered in her random drawing. Or, if you prefer, send your comment via email to lmblogcontact(at)literarymama(dot)com.

Entry deadline: December 30th.

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Enjoyed this, thank you!
Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway!
After reading "Midwives" by Chris Bohjalian several years ago, I'd love to read this for another perspective on such an amazing, but still publically mysterious, process and relationship.
There seems to be such a range of different types of midwives now. I would love to read about one midwife's experiences! Danielle H
Would love a copy of this.
after 35 years of birth and postpartum work i find myself in a state of drift and seeking inspiration. this work is fraught or sanguine depending on one's personal/spiritual orientation and what day it is.
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