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Call for Submissions: skirt!

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Skirt!® is a nationally and locally branded Web site, magazine and book publishing company. The following list includes their monthly themes for the remainder of 2012. Submissions are due the first of the month prior to the one you are submitting.

MARCH - The Tick-Tock Issue
Losing time, making up for lost time, perfect timing, waiting, prime time, best and worst times, time off, time out, timelessness - all things time-related.

APRIL - The Wow! Issue
Inspiration, enlightenment, invention, daring, aha moments, being a muse, finding a muse, mind-blowing events, impossible dreams, big ideas.

MAY - The To-Go Issue
Travel - real and metaphorical, leaving, moving, pulling up roots, putting down roots for the first time, running away, adventure, spiritual journeys, escaping. No traditional travel pieces or photos, please.

JUNE - The Summer Issue
Anything related to summer (heat, time out, a summer state of mind, summer love, etc), but please no predictable "how I spent my summer vacation" essays.

JULY - The Independence Issue
Self-reliance, independence, rebellion, free spirits, what you wore to change the world, revolutionary moments, breaking free, letting go.

AUGUST - The Lessons Issue
Lessons learned, lessons never learned, difficult lessons, teaching moments, teachers, gurus, breaking or making rules.

SEPTEMBER - The Feel Good Issue
Getting out of a slump, recharging/changing your life, health, bodies, care of the soul, payoff/reward, growth, guilt-free decisions.

OCTOBER - The Make Issue
Art, creativity, building, creating something from scratch, making do, makeovers.

NOVEMBER - The Crave Issue
Food, desire, wanting, yearnings, appetite for life, temptation, guilty pleasures, sins, coveting.

DECEMBER - The Surprise Issue
Surprise us with an elegant, funny or insightful essay on the topic of suprises - for example, out-of-the-blue gifts, revelations, unexpected discoveries.

A personal essay is a narrative that emphasizes a personal, subjective view. All essays for consideration should be submitted in their entirety and be between 800 and 1,100 words. Essays must fit one of the monthly themes above. Please review the Contributor Guidelines carefully for format requirements. Submissions for a particular theme are due minimally by the 1st of the prior month.

Jessica DeVoe Riley, MS, is a special educator in rural California. Her writing has won the South West Writers competition and is published in Thema and Marginalia. She currently writes for the Council for Exceptional Children’s Reality 101 blog for new teachers. You can reach her through her personal blog, All Rileyed Up, or follow her on Twitter.

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