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Call for Submissions: On Children With Special Needs

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DRT Press is accepting submissions of book-length manuscripts for adult non-fiction only. We are transitioning away from being a publisher of adoption books and are instead focusing on books about the experience of parenting children with special needs, particularly "invisible" special needs like ADHD, PDD, FASD, OCD, PBD, and any number of other neuro-atypicalities that result in behavioral challenges.

We welcome submissions from unpublished writers.

Please follow standard submission guidelines and send a query letter (e-mail welcome) that explains who you are, who you see as the audience for your proposed book, and how you will help with marketing. Please be sure to research the market and let us know how your book will be different than other books on the same topic(s). At DRT Press we have found that the very best strategies for marketing niche books are sometimes the less expensive ones: e-mail lists, participation in topical listservs, newsletter articles, local press, and targeted book signings. What are you willing to do? Be realistic, but be enthusiastic!

We allow simultaneous submissions (of course!) but please let us know so if we're interested in something we can contact you quickly. General manuscript submissions (except for essays for the Easy to Love series - see below) should be sent to

CURRENT CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Easy to Love but Hard to Teach and Easy to Love but Hard to Treat

DRT Press and the editors of Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents Challenging Kids, True Stories are seeking personal essays for the second and third books in the "Easy to Love" series, Easy to Love but Hard to Teach, and Easy to Love but Hard to Treat.

Our first book, Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, focused on the experience of parenting easy to love but hard to raise kids (ETLs); those with ADD, ADHD, SPD (sensory processing disorder) LD (learning disabilities), ASD (autism spectrum disorders & Asperger's) FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders), PBD (pediatric bipolar disorder), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and other brain-based disabilities that often manifest themselves in behavioral challenges.

Easy to Love but Hard to Teach will focus on the experiences of parents, teachers, and others involved with educating children impacted by this alphabet soup of special needs.

The essays should not be centered on the children involved, but rather on the experience and emotions of those involved in educating them. We are seeking voices from every sector of the education world: public and private, traditional, non-traditional, special needs, and homeschoolers. We want to hear from parents, teachers, administrators, advocates, counselors, doctors and therapists. We're looking for essays that capture the feelings, attitudes, challenges, barriers, and break-throughs of adults involved in ETL kids' education. We are not looking for how-to articles, but rather slice of life essays about the trials and triumphs of fitting (or not) the square pegs that are ETL children into the round hole that is school.

Easy to Love but Hard to Treat will focus on the search for the "magic bullet," or "silver bullet;" the cure or treatment that is THE solution to our children's woes. Again, essays should not be focused on the children involved, but rather the experience and emotions of those involved in caring for them or treating them, including parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, researchers, inventors, and product salespersons. We are seeking voices addressing treatment with traditional medicine, alternative or complementary approaches, mainstream and alternative therapies, technologies, gadgets, and other products. We are looking for essays that describe parents' quests for answers, treatments and cures, the process of self-education; and that capture hopes and fears, expectations and how expectations may change, successes, failures, and anything in between.

Compensation includes 10 copies of the completed book(s) and unlimited discounted copies. Like Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, these books will be co-edited by author/editor/publisher Adrienne Ehlert Bashista, Publisher, DRT Press and Kay Marner, a freelance writer who contributes regularly to ADDitude magazine and blogs for Soft deadline for submissions for Hard to Teach is May 1, 2012. Soft deadline for submissions for Hard to Treat is July 1, 2012. Questions are welcome and should be addressed to The editors suggest familiarizing yourself with Easy to Love but Hard to Raise (at a minimum see the "Look Inside" feature on

Submission guidelines:

Email a cover letter and brief biography, with your essay or essays attached, to We are interested in essays of varying lengths, so are intentionally not specifying word count. Please double space and use Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font.

Read original call for submissions here.

Jessica DeVoe Riley, MS, is a special educator in rural California. Her writing has won the South West Writers competition and is published in Thema and Marginalia. She currently writes for the Council for Exceptional Children’s Reality 101 blog for new teachers. You can reach her through her personal blog, All Rileyed Up, or follow her on Twitter.

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