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Call for Submissions: LM Blog

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We're looking for 300 to 500-word guest posts for our (NEW!) After Page One series.

The overall intent is to motivate, inspire, and encourage other mama-writers but we've purposefully created a broad theme so any, and all, voices can be heard. We'd love to feature YOUR thoughts about getting started on a writing project, getting back to a writing project, integrating writing with motherhood, reading, having a positive attitude --- the list is endless!

Maybe you have a piece you've written for your blog (or other publication) that you'd like to share or maybe you' d like to write something specific in response to one of the questions below. We'll publish a short bio at the bottom of your post so readers can learn more about you and your projects.

For your consideration:

  • List 5 things your favorite teacher taught you that you've never forgotten.
  • What books/writers do you look to for inspiration?
  • Comment on a quote you have near the desk that keeps you going. Where did you first read or hear it? What do you know about the person or the setting in which the quote was made?
  • What was the most surprising thing you've discovered about yourself while writing?
  • How do you balance work and family?
  • What book(s) do you think every writer/reader/mother should read?
  • What would you say to mothers in the midst of the struggle between work, family, and self?
  • What kind of impact has motherhood had on your work, your writing, or your priorities?
  • Do you have a writing routine? What do you do when you get blocked? How do you set priorities?

We look forward to hearing from you!
Send your submission to lmblogcontact (at) literarymama (dot) com.

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