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For Your Journal: Quarterly Recap

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So ... How's your journaling? Here's a recap of the writing prompts from May through July in case you missed one. We're going to take a short break but will be back in September.

Make a list of the qualities you admire in your mom. How has she influenced your life as a parent, partner, or spouse? Write a letter to your mom and send it to her. If she's no longer living, address the letter to your children and describe the role their grandma had in your life. Read the entire prompt here.

Think of your child (or one of your children if you have more than one). Try to convey his personality by using dialogue, gestures, and facial features. Ground your writing in detail. It may help to think in terms of objects -- what your child eats, what he likes to play with, his hobbies. What does her face look like when she is absorbed in a task? Write as if you are watching your child from the other room. What does she look like when she doesn't realize that you're watching? Read the entire prompt here.

Describe three of your cringe-worthy moments. Include details about the setting, the people, your response, and the responses of those around you. Read the entire prompt here.

Write about a "wild place" your imagination has taken you. What creatures were there, and what did you do? How did they respond to you? Read the entire prompt here.

Recreate a discussion you had with your child about money. Consider the first time he/she used his/her own money to purchase a toy, the first time he/she asked how much you earned, or the first time he/she realized how much it cost to fill the car with gasoline. Describe how your child's eyes were "opened to the real cost of living." Read the entire prompt here.

Name one rule concerning food safety that's non-negotiable in your home. Write about the way(s) you've taught it and enforced it with your children. Read the entire prompt here.

Have you made a trip to the emergency room? Describe the setting, the emotions, the words of comfort, the stress. Read the entire prompt here.

Write about a trip or vacation from your childhood. What do you and your siblings or parents still laugh about? Describe the experience as you remember it and then, again, as others remember it. Read the entire prompt here.

List the full names of each member of your immediate family, and write about the significance of the first and middle names. Were names chosen for sound, for family honor, for strength, for pop culture or history? Then, write about a time you saw the name fit the individual's personality. Read the entire prompt here.

Karna ConverseĀ is a freelance writer who’s written everything from technical documentation and price proposals to newsletter articles, devotionals, personal profiles and essays. Her essays have been published in a variety of regional and national publications, including The Christian Science Monitor, Notre Dame Magazine, the Cup of Comfort and Chicken Soup anthologies, Our Iowa, and on Iowa Public Radio. She and her husband are parents to three young adults. Karna is a former blog editor, senior editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief of Literary Mama.

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