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For Your Journal: Quarterly Recap

So ... How's your journaling? Here's a recap of the writing prompts September through November in case you missed one.



Write about a conversation your child had with a grandparent.  What specific question was asked and what details were shared? What prompted the question? Read the entire prompt here.

How many books on this list—the Top Ten Challenged Books by Year (2001-2011)—have you read? How many have your children read? Describe the discussions you and your children have had about the books and the controversies that surround them. Read the entire prompt here.


Reflect on your childhood dreams about motherhood. How many children did you dream of having and why did you choose that specific number?  Now, consider your present day family. How did you know (or how will you know) when it’s complete? Read the entire prompt here.

Why do YOU write? Read the entire prompt here.

Describe a moment from your day in six words. Repeat five times during the upcoming week so that by the end of the week, you’ve captured five separate moments. Read the entire prompt here.


What do you want your children to know about your life, your culture, your philosophy of living? What advice do you want to share?  List 10 songs, stories, celebrations, recipes, or hobbies you want to pass on to your children. Then, list 10 pieces of advice specific to your son and/or 10 pieces of advice specific to your daughter. Read the entire prompt here.

Is your glass half empty or half full? What about your children -- do you see optimism or pessimism in the comments they make? Describe a conversation you’ve had with your child about these two ways of looking at life. Read the entire prompt here.

What role should homework play in the elementary classroom?  What about the middle school classroom?  The high school classroom? Write an Op-Ed piece and consider submitting it to Literary Mama (500 to 900 words). We’d love to publish your thoughts.  Read the entire prompt here.

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