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For Your Journal: Writing Prompt

Do you keep a journal – or wish you could get one started? Literary Mama wants to help.

Three times a month, I’ll post a writing prompt. Open a notebook and write for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation – just write. Then let the writing simmer and your mind wander for awhile.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a character for your next short story or a theme for a narrative essay. Or maybe you’ll use the idea to create a special holiday card or photo album for someone in your family. However you decide to use your journal entry, I know you’ll enjoy re-reading it months--and years--down the road.



According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of people who moved in 2012 increased slightly from the number who moved in 2011 (which was a record low). The majority of those who moved, moved within the same county (64 percent) and within 50 miles of their previous residence.

The Bureau doesn’t directly collect data on the number of lifetime moves, but using data from its 2007 American Community Survey, they estimate that a person in the United States can expect to move 11 times in his/her lifetime. Nine of these moves are made between ages 18 and 45; two after age 45.

Interested in the details? Read National Mover Rate Increases and Calculating Migration Expectancy.


Journal Entry: List all the places you’ve lived. Note your age and approximately how long you lived there, and then describe one memory from each home. Now, create a similar list with your children of the homes they’ve lived in.

Thank you for this great prompt. I needed something to make me sit down and write for my blog last night, and this prompt was perfect. It also made me remember all kinds of things I hadn't thought about in years!
Great prompt - is there a prize for most moves? Suggestion for next prompt, list all jobs.
Great suggestion! Look for a For Your Journal writing prompt about jobs sometime in the coming months ...
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