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Call for Submissions: Stealing Time

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Stealing Time is a quarterly print literary magazine about the heart of parenting. We explore the real stories of parents through fiction, essay, poetry, book reviews, and other pieces that are sad, hopeful, ebullient, resigned, reverent, wry, surprising, gut-busting, or just plain strange.

They are accepting submissions for the next three issues:


Due March 25, 2013

In our birth meditations, we were told to think of ourself as "opening," and this word became infused not just with the physical task of opening a birth canal, but also the opening of our heart and soul and the rawness of our emotions in the time just before and after birth. Some of us were ripped open in ways we did not expect. And even at the beginning of pregnancy, the opening of a family was a thing to behold. We look for luminous and unusual explorations, both fiction and memoir, of your own openings and failures to open. Read more here.


Due June 25, 2013

Have you been a parent who marked your child's developmental milestones on the calendar, or are you more concerned with your own parental milestones? How has your parenting journey been marked, physically and symbolically? When did you or your child reach an important accomplishment that marked a transition between old self and new self?

Wild Things

Due September 25, 2013

How has being a parent brought you into the wild? What is the mischief your children have made -- of one kind or another? Have your children ever tried to "eat you up"? Do you love your children so much you want to eat them -- or howl at the moon? When you travel through the day and night and in and out of months and almost over a year, where is it you arrive; and do you ever want to go back home where someone loves you most of all?

All submissions are managed through Submittable. Read more here.

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