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Call for Submissions: Silver Boomer Books

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Silver Boomer Books is the publisher of several anthologies on topics such as aging, roads not taken, mentors, and childhood memories.  They are currently seeking submissions for their newest anthology entitled Longest Hours -- Thoughts While Waiting (working title):

"In this culture of instant gratification, we can hardly stand waiting. We have to have our iPads or iPhones so we can surf the internet or play games while we wait.

We wait for babies to be born and for classes to begin or end. We wait for test results – medical  tests, English tests, eye exams, employment tests, personality tests, assessment tests of all kinds. We wait to be served in restaurants. We wait for people important to us to make decisions or get jobs or get well or get pregnant or get up and do something.

We wait in line – oh, do we ever wait in line. Someone once wrote that by the time people are 70 years old, they have waited in line a total of about five years. Can that be true?

All waiting is hard. What kind is hardest? Stories and poems might share emotions and experiences during long, excruciating waits. Sometimes waiting involves deep heartache and pain, anticipation of great joy, worry and anxiety, fear of danger, with dread or hope or happiness hinging on outcomes.

Waiting is very often a big part of suffering. Maybe through it we can gain the strength to transcend suffering and pain – not just to survive. Understanding how other people deal with waiting can help and strengthen us. Send us your stories or poems."

Deadline: April 15, 2013

Click here for submission guidelines.

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