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Book Giveaway: Roost


Ali Bryan is giving away two print copies (or electronic if preferred) of her novel, Roost.

From the press release:

Claudia, single mother of two young children, pines for her past independent life. Her ex, after all, has moved on to a new wardrobe, a new penchant for lattes—new adult friends. But in Claudia’s house she’s still finding bananas in the sock drawer, cigarettes taped to wrestling figures, and doodles on her MasterCard bills. Then Claudia receives the unexpected news that her mother has died.

As Claudia attempts to gain control of her life, she realizes that her fellow family members also struggle with uncertainty. Her brother’s family appears picture perfect—the children always clean, the puzzles never missing pieces—but he and his wife hunger for a break from parenthood. Her father has joined a curling team and seems to be active in the community. Yet he orders product after as-seen-on-tv product for his own empty nest.

Shared through the hilarious, honest, and often poignant perspective of a single mother, Roost is the story of a woman learning about motherhood while grieving the loss of her own mother. And as she begins to mend, she’s also learning that she might be able to accept her home—as it is.

Read an excerpt here.

Book Giveaway: Leave a comment and your email address at the end of this post, and you'll be entered in her random drawing. Or, if you prefer, send your comment via email to lmblogcontact(at)literarymama(dot)com.

Entry deadline: September 11th.

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I really want to know more about Claudia and her life, and why she and her brother are at such odds with each other. More than ordinary sibling rivalry, it seems. And Cuba, not Paris--intriguing!
Sounds very interesting!! I just loved your post on writing because I can relate. Some days I am just happy to write what I can, even if it is one sentence. And we have SpongeBob, Bubble Guppies, and football always playing at our house. Love your writing style and would love to read your novel.
Being a single mom is a hard job, can't imagine how tough it must be to juggle all those expectations!
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