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Literary Mama Rewind: Stepparenting

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Welcome to Literary Mama Rewind! Every few weeks we'll round up some of our favorite essays, stories, poems, columns, and reviews from the Literary Mama Archives relating to a particular theme. This week we are considering life from the stepparent's point of view. All you have to do is click and read....

No need to introduce yourself; we've met before. You want to tell me about the man in your life -- the most amazing, beautiful man -- and I, of course, want to hear it.

People do not smile when you say you have a stepchild. Their eyes do not light up and they do not ask, "How old is she?" as they burst to tell you a memory of their child at that age. Instead, they look at you solemnly, as if you have just told them bad news.

Betty Jane Hegerat's most recent book, The Boy weaves fiction, journalism, and memoir into a gripping tale of motherhood and murder. The Boy centers on Louise and her relationship to Danny, her stepson.

Kai came into my life when he was just 14 months old and fresh from his parents' divorce. I was in my early 30s, just back from traveling the globe, and filled with mixed emotions about plunging into the unofficial role of parenting a toddler part-time.

I am a stepmother and I never know how to respond to the question "Do you have children?" Neither "yes" nor "no" answers the question.

The stepmothering experience is so important, so common, so widely shared, so not-often-enough talked about.

The Underside of Joy is an emotional roller coaster about two mothers who are forced to deal with uncovered secrets and lies that threaten to tear their worlds apart.

Few book titles are as catchy as My Father Married Your Mother. The essays in this anthology tread the squishy ground that represents what some have dubbed the "post-nuclear" or blended family.

Amanda Jaros is a freelance writer living in Ithaca, NY. Her essay “Blood Mountain” won the 2017 Notes From the Field contest at Flyway Journal. Other work has appeared in numerous journals and magazines including, NewfoundLife in the Finger Lakes Magazine, Highlights for Children, and Cargo Literary. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from Chatham University.

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