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Book Giveaway: Evolution of Cocoons


Janna Vought is giving away one copy of her new memoir, Evolution of Cocoons: A Mother's Journey Through her Daughter's Bipolar and Asperger's.

Leave a comment and your email address at the end of this post, and you'll be entered in her random drawing. Or, if you prefer, send your comment via email to lmblogcontact(at)literarymama(dot)com. Entry deadline: November 6th.

From the press release:

Through a series of personal essays and poems, Janna Vought’s new memoir,  Evolution of Cocoons, tells Vought’s firsthand account of raising a child with autism and a myriad of debilitating mental conditions. Evolution of Cocoons shows the raw and unfiltered struggles and strengths of Vought’s family as they cope, with and learn from, one daughter’s imbalanced mind.

For readers familiar with the struggles of raising children diagnosed with autism and other mental illness, the book offers comfort and camaraderie, along with an intimate look into a world of confusion and, sometimes, near-chaos. Vought’s memoir takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions as she poignantly illustrates her family's journey alongside her daughter’s developing mental illnesses.

For readers not directly impacted by someone in their lives with Asperger's (part of the autism spectrum) or bipolar disorder,  Evolution of Cocoons will introduce them to a life that they may never have considered. No matter their background, all readers will walk away with entirely new perspectives on mental illnesses, strength of heart and what it means to be family.

About the Author: Janna Vought is a published writer, with her works of poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction appearing in multiple literary journals and magazines. She is a graduate of Lindenwood University with an MFA in creative writing and she is also a 2013 AWP Intro Journals Nominee for poetry. In addition to writing, she is currently a doctoral candidate, working on her PhD in education. Janna hopes to utilize her coursework and nonprofit experience to create a community outreach program that provides workshop experiences and creative writing courses for varying members of the community often ignored by mainstream academics.  These groups include the mentally ill and their families, victims of violent crime, at risk youth, and other special populations who would benefit from learning about writing and implementing the craft in their own lives.  Janna's daughter, Kamryn, is diagnosed with Bipolar I and Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, making her intimately qualified to write on parenting a special needs child.

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Sounds very interesting! Hope I get selected.
Though I can't relate to this particular situation, I think all mothers can understand the struggle to support our children and families through their challenges. Looking forward to reading the book.
a mama's goals & dreams give her strength. I'm grateful for the nourishing writing I find here. this book looks wonderful.
Thank you for sharing your struggle. Sounds like an inspiring read.
Janna Vought's words are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring to me as a busy mom and writer. Thank you!!!
The title of Vought's post, "Split in Two," gave me that immediate moment of recognition, that strong sense that what follows will no doubt better describe what I've been struggling to articulate myself about the identity I was forging as a writer before children and the one that subsumed it after children. As I read, many more such moments of recognition followed. Her post gives me hope that with more effort, more willpower and less sleep, I too might be able to become what I was working toward becoming as an MFA student before kids. Since I am parenting a special needs child as well, I sense that Evolution of Cocoons would give me many more such validating moments, instances of having my own experience insightfully described by another.
This is such a moving and inspiring article. Thank you for sharing.
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