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For Your Journal: Quarterly Recap

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So ... How's your journaling? Here's a recap of the writing prompts from September  through November in case you missed one.



Create a list of popular culture people, icons, and attitudes for the year you were born, the year you were 10 years old, and the year you were 18. Write one paragraph about each item to note a thought or memory you associate with it. Start a similar list about your child. You might refer to The People History for information. Read the entire prompt here.

How does your child define friendship? Write about the first time you saw your child befriend another or a time you saw another befriend your child. What action showed you the effort was sincere? Read the entire prompt here.


Make a list of the jobs you’ve held, including a statement or two about your responsibilities and the company’s mission. Then, describe one aspect of one job that you didn’t appreciate at the time, but now, are thankful for the experience. Read the entire prompt here.

Do you play Tooth Fairy? Why or why not? Write about the conversation you’ve had with your spouse or a friend defending your position.  Then write about a conversation you’ve had with your child about the topic. Read the entire prompt here.

Write about a time you said, no. Describe the details that led to your decision and the outcome of your response. Read the entire prompt here.



Ask your child to describe a meal. What ingredients are needed for each dish? How are the dishes prepared?  Write each recipe exactly as your child dictates it. Read the entire prompt here.

Which of your child’s toys do you plan to save, even if your child says “throw?” Write about a time you and your child played with the toy together. Describe what you saw in your child’s face and actions that makes you say “save.” Read the entire prompt here.

What nursery rhymes did you chant as a child? Why have--or haven’t—you shared them with your child? Then, pick one Mother Goose nursery rhyme and rewrite it with your child. Read the entire prompt here.



Do YOU have a writing prompt to share with Literary Mama readers? Send your 150- to 300-word narrative and associated writing prompt to lmblogcontact (at) literarymama (dot) com. We'd love to read your ideas!

Karna Converse is a freelance writer who’s written everything from technical documentation and price proposals to newsletter articles, devotionals, personal profiles and essays. Her essays have been published in a variety of regional and national publications, including The Christian Science Monitor, Notre Dame Magazine, the Cup of Comfort and Chicken Soup anthologies, Our Iowa, and on Iowa Public Radio. She and her husband are parents to three young adults. Karna is a former blog editor, senior editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief of Literary Mama.

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