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Pruning: Centering Your Writing Around Its Roots by Cassie Premo Steele from Birthing the Mother Writer

As a young, unknown poet, I used to live with a curious phenomenon: I felt as if I were walking down a city street, partly in fear, partly in excitement, anticipating that at any moment something good could come from around a corner and suddenly change everything for me as a writer.

Secret Powers by Avery Fischer Udagawa from Four Worlds

Our two-year-old speaks more Thai than Mommy or Daddy, and knows it. She turns it off when only we are around.

Loving Your Daughter, Loving Yourself by Marjorie Osterhout from Dear Marjo

Dear Heavy Hearted, I wish you were sitting here right next to me, right now, because I would give you the fiercest hug. You so clearly love your daughter. But you've never loved yourself.

Nursing Sucks by Marjorie Osterhout from Dear Marjo

Dear Marjo, Nursing sucks. That is all.


A Word for When There are None by Beth Malone

This past year, the year my daughter struggled to find her voice, was the year that I stopped being able to find words to follow the “Dear Lord” part of prayer.

Acts of Silence by Emily Klein

All the unanswered questions nip at my heart. Why can’t she sit or stand? Why can't she walk or be nourished without her feeding tube? What can she see? The doctors talk a lot but have no answers, and so I no longer even hear them.

Twenty-Nine by Elizabeth Marro

Why can’t I forget this? My son has long since forgiven me. We’ve had many happy days and have successfully navigated others marked by greater trauma or guilt.


Forward by Tess Thomson

“How old is he?” the woman asks coolly, nodding toward Jacob. She has oversized sunglasses and a sharp blonde bob. Although it’s 90 degrees and humid in late morning at the park, her skin is still matte with foundation.


Now Reading: November 2013 by Libby Maxey

I always have difficulty writing about what I’m “now reading,” as it’s usually a.) more Robertson Davies and b.) more Patrick O’Brian.

Essential Reading: Mothers and Art by Libby Maxey

When I first became a mother, I knew that it would change my life as a classical singer, but I didn’t know quite how.  I had read about sopranos who had lost their top notes as a result of pregnancy’s …


Story by Kim McMechan

Gestures by Old Livshin

Echoes by Jill Rosenthal

Ballroom Dance Morning by Marjorie Thomsen

Sunday Night Dinner by Elaine Gilbert


A Conversation with Marion Winik by Lisa Lynne Lewis

Marion Winik’s most recent memoir, Highs in the Low Fifties: How I Stumbled Through the Joys of Single Living, chronicles Winik’s return to the dating world and her experiences along the way.


Unanswered Questions: A Review of The Unfinished Child by George Estreich

Theresa Shea’s The Unfinished Child is a novel about women, friendship, and family, but the author has a lot more on her mind.

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