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For Your Journal: Writing Prompt

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Do you keep a journal – or wish you could get one started? Read this prompt from Literary Mama reader Tiffany Sowby. Then, open a notebook and write for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation – just write.


Time Together


My love affair with playing games began during my childhood. Some of my favorite memories of time spent with those I love come from playing games with various family members. I have fond memories of Scrabble games with my Granny, Monopoly marathons with my brother and Skip Bo games with my mother.

As a game lover, it has been easy to make playing games with my children a priority. I have enjoyed seeing my children’s games repertoire expand beyond Candyland and Go Fish as they grow. All of my children enjoy games, but it is my grade-school daughter who has inherited my love for them.

As a mother, I say “No” to a fair number of requests. But my daughter has figured out I’m a sucker for playing games. When I think of memories from my childhood, many of them are dealt out in precious remembrances of time spent playing games with people I loved.

Never mind if we’re in the middle of cleaning, or a bedtime routine, or rushing to an errand, there is always time to squeeze in a quick game, and thus create memories in the mind of another little girl.

The other evening, when my daughter clearly knew she should be in bed reading, she snuck into my room to see if I had time for a game. I did! Each time my daughter asks to play a game with me, I can’t help but wonder what little memory will be stored up in her mind and heart. I want there to be a part of her memory reserved for games. I want her to be a grown woman and find in her reservoir of memories remembrances of time spent with her mother playing games.


Journal Entry: Think about some of your favorite times spent one-on-one with a child. Perhaps it is baking, reading, music, sports, etc. What do you want your children to remember about those times together?


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Tiffany Sowby is an author and lead trainer for the Power of Moms. She is a recent author contributor to the book Deliberate Motherhood. Tiffany and her husband have five children. She loves the laundry five kids generate, but could do without the dirty dishes. Her love for writing and motherhood come together at

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