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A sampling of blog posts from Literary Mama editors and friends

… or in other words: blog posts that have pulled me away from my own writing because they’re instructive, informative, interesting, or IMHO, just a plain ol’ good read…

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and if so, please consider following or subscribing to the individual blog(s). That way, you won’t miss any posts and you’ll help build his/her readership.



At Full Grown People:  Creative Nonfiction editor Kate Haas writes "Until the bear came along, I was doing fine with nature." in Out in the Woods, Away Out There and contributor Angel Sands Gunn describes a week away from her family in Runaway Mom.

At Brain, Mother, the blog for Brain, Child Magazine: Thirteen LM editors contributed to this Thoughts on Motherhood post as part of Brain, Child magazine's "What is Motherhood?" blog series.

At Motherlode, the parenting and family blog at the New York Times:  Consider your response to "Do we save for the future or spend our limited resources preparing our son for that future?" as you read Instead of Saving for College, We Invested in Our Kids.

At Mental Floss:  If you write fiction, be sure to check out #6  on this list of  8 How-To Books From 100 Years Ago That Are Still (Sort of ) Useful.


From your Literary Mama editors:


Would You Read It Carved Into A Stone Tablet? Creative Nonfiction editor Susan Ito recently published a mini-memoir on SheBooks and in this post, she asks: "Would you never read an e-book? Never kill another tree for literature? Or do you just… love words?"

8th annual motherhood & words reading. The date has passed for the reading that Literary Reflections editor Kate Hopper promotes in this post, but there's still time to sign up for the book giveaway she's hosting. If you missed the book giveaway we hosted on the LM blog for Susanne Antonetta's newly-released memoir, Make Me A Mother, be sure and stop by Kate's blog -- the deadline is May 16th.





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