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Beyond Poop and Puberty

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Beyond Poop and Puberty: The Practice and Pitfalls of Writing About Parenting

Instructors: Susan Ito and Tomas Moniz
Date:  Saturday, August 23rd
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm including lunch break
Place: The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto
Course fee: $125

Anyone who has parented a child knows that parenting is one of life’s most exhilarating, awesome, maddening, humbling, crazymaking, joyful and wrenching experiences–which is what also makes it excellent inspiration for writing. Recent years have shown an explosion in “Parent-Lit,” or the literature of parenthood, in all forms: creative nonfiction, poetry and fiction.

This one-day workshop is for anyone who wants to tap that rich vein in their writing. We will provide some short, engaging pieces to read, offer prompts, time to freewrite and share writing from the prompts. We will end with a conversation around publishing opportunities and the practical aspects of writing about kids.  We will also share our experiences both writing, editing, and publishing work inspired by parenting.

It’s for new parents, prospective parents, grandparents, stepparents, adoptive and foster parents and birth parents. It’s for parent writers who want to come together and share their stories and their words, and to learn something about the craft of writing.
Website: The Grotto classes

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