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Write the Truth of Who You Are

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7-Week Writing Workshop Begins July 1


Marilyn Bousquin, founder of Writing Women’s Lives™ is launching her popular 7-week course “Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice” online and invites you to join this phenomenal community of conscious and creative women writers from the comforts of your own home. She writes:

"Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice” is more than a writing class. It's a writing class specifically designed to help women access the parts of their stories—their experiences as females—that we’ve been culturally conditioned to hide.

This conditioning keeps us from seeing our subjects—our deeper truths—as worthy of story and is why so many women feel like they don’t have a story to tell. This painful misconception silences many women and disconnects them from their writing, their story, and their voice.

And because your voice is who you are, it ultimately disconnects you from yourself.

The good news is that once we become aware of this conditioning and learn to value our experiences as females, we can free our voice and write our stories with consciousness, craft, and vision.

In “Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice,” you will not only access your authentic voice and tap into your writing flow, you will also discover who you are, both on the page and off the page. You will begin to see yourself and your writing with new eyes.

You will write the truth of who you are.

And you will never again doubt that you have a story worth telling.

If now is your time to tell your story in a supportive community of phenomenal women writers who listen for the possibilities in each other’s writing, who know how to laugh together and are not afraid to cry together, who understand that writing is a need and not a luxury, visit the course description and registration page.

If you have any questions about whether “Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice” is a good match for you, email me at Marilyn (at) writingwomenslives (dot) com to set up a phone chat.

"Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice” begins July 1 -- and there's a bonus workshop on June 25.


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