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I am writing this a few weeks before you will see it. Because right now, as you read the pages of Literary Mama, I am in Pittsburgh, five hours from my home, participating in Chatham University’s Summer Community of Writers. No doubt I am having a good time at this point in the two-week event, but today I know I will be thinking about my husband, whose birthday it is.

Working towards and achieving an MFA is my goal, my dream, and I am going after it. It is an endeavor that will offer me much joy and hopefully, the forward momentum into a career as a writer. Yet even now at the beginning, I already notice that I am missing things happening at home.

My hubby isn't big on birthdays, and it is fine that I am missing his, but I am sorry to not be there. And it does beg the question, what else will I miss out on as I pursue my goal: 3rd grade field trips, spring baseball games, some more birthdays?

My uncle always said to me “You can do anything in the world you want to do. But you can’t do everything.” Never have these words made more sense than now. I guess the balance is mine to find. There will be compromises and there will be choices to make. But for now, I guess I’ll just take it one birthday at a time.


In your journal today, write about your dreams and your responsibility to and love for your family. Are there things you have missed out on because of your work? Were you able to come up with a sense of balance? How?

Amanda Jaros is a freelance writer living in Ithaca, NY. Her essay “Blood Mountain” won the 2017 Notes From the Field contest at Flyway Journal. Other work has appeared in numerous journals and magazines including, NewfoundLife in the Finger Lakes Magazine, Highlights for Children, and Cargo Literary. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from Chatham University.

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