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A sampling of blog posts from Literary Mama editors and friends

… each month, I share some blog posts that spoke to me in recent weeks. This month, as all the gorgeousness of autumn rolls in, I've been especially taken by blogs that combine reflections on motherhood with photography. Perhaps because we here at Literary Mama are also on a search for new images for our site? As we roll out new changes on our masthead and in our publishing schedule in the next months, I'll also be featuring blogs by our staff and contributors so that new readers can get to know us a little better. I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I did. If so, please consider following or subscribing to the them. That way, you won’t miss any posts and you’ll help build the writer's readership.


At Sagetribe, Kelly Sage (Columns and E-zine Editor) shares photos and reflections from a family visit adventures to orchards, to community Halloween events, and to the woods. She writes: "No matter where we are the awe drops of color make us stop and sigh. Even on chilly days, we're out, and it's lovely to be so."

At Remains of the Day, Andrea Lani (Literary Reflections Editor) writes about wandering in the woods with her children: "This weekend I bribed the children to go wandering with me."

At tamarack writes, Amanda K. Jaros (Blog Editor) showcases nature photos taken around a birthday which she marks with a short poem: "walking ahead of us/the yellow forest awaits/imagination." 

Finally, as Caroline Grant passes the role of Editor in Chief to our new editors, take a look at this beautiful entry on "Polenta With Decadent Mushrooms" on her blog Learning to Eat.  You can keep up with her writing adventures post-Literary Mama by checking in here.

Jenny Hobson writes from Berea, Kentucky, the arts capital of Kentucky and home to Berea College. She lives with her husband and school age children. Her blog can be found at Hobson’s Choice.

She is a former Blog Editor for Literary Mama.

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I love Neon Fresh (now called Semiproper) and Kate Baer. I'm a millennial, so these totally resonate with my mama millennial heart :-)
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