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Writing Prompt: For Your Journal

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Do you keep a journal – or wish you could get one started? Literary Mama wants to help. Several times a month, we'll post a writing prompt. Open a notebook and write for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation – just write. 


I loved when Gran visited. She’d shuffle along in her old granny slippers. I loved holding her hand. So soft yet there was history behind them, little time folds showing her aging hands.

When I couldn’t sleep at night she’d sit beside me on the quilt. Her hand on my hand. She'd tell me to close my eyes. Gently stroking them closed. Then the story would begin. She’d tell me of her roses. Each morning she would gently water her roses. Dew resting on the petals, a single water droplet trickling down the petal. The fragrant red rose with a perfume so captivating it lingered with you long after you left. She’d pick a rose describing each petal as she pulled it off setting it free in the morning breeze. By the end I’d be fast asleep.

It’s been many years since my gran’s passing and now I have a rose garden of my own. My favourite being the glorious red rose reminding me of Gran’s garden. The perfume floats through our windows giving me memories of old. It is easy to forget what has passed I can only hope my children will remember special moments with their Gran and be able to share it with their children.

My four year old daughter and I often discuss what grows in our garden. We touch, smell and explore it. I tell her of her Great-Gran and her love of plants. I even tell the rose story. Let’s not forget our past, let’s share it with the future.


In your journal today, write about a memory you had with a grandparent/aunt/uncle. Was there a particular smell or feeling associated with a story? Some favourite item, image, thought you can remember?


Do YOU have a writing prompt to share with Literary Mama readers? Send your 150- to 300-word narrative and associated writing prompt to lmblogeditor (at) literarymama (dot) com. We'd love to read your ideas! 

Becky Holland lives on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. She has two beautiful children, aged four years and seven months. She writes to make sense of her world, and blogs about the journey she is on with her special-needs daughter.

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