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Writing Prompt: Pictures Speak


Pictures speak a thousand words. Open a notebook and write for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation – just write. 


Photo by Katie Chapman

Photo by Katie Chapman

In this photo, the little girl is trying to blow up a balloon. As you can see, the job is proving difficult. Why do you think she's trying to blow the balloon up alone, and what event is she getting ready for? Write about what might happen after this moment and what you might say to her if you were her friend.






Do YOU have an image that inspires creativity to share with Literary Mama readers? Send your photograph and a 2-3 line writing prompt to lmblogcontact (at) literarymama (dot) com. Please send only your own photographs, for which you hold the rights.  


Katie Chapman is a teacher who now stays at home with three beloved children who keep her busier than a whole classroom-full of students. When not reading or playing with her kids, she loves traveling to new places—either in real life or inside her head. She also enjoys snapping interesting photographs. Katie is a SCBWI member and conference goer who writes YA fiction and picture books. She has completed one YA historical, an adoption-themed picture book, and is currently at work on a YA mystery and a YA fantasy. Find her at

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This may be the cutest photo I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing it.
Great photo!! Love her expression.
What an adorable photo!! A fun moment captured.
Thank you, all!
Love this picture! I feel as if this something I could totally see on a greeting card!
What a cutie! Putting her all into it!
This picture is perfect! So many possible explanations for this moment. I love it!
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